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publie le mardi 25 octobre 2005 par Alexandra

Flash JPG Rotator

The Flash JPG Rotator enables you to show a couple of photos or banners in sequence, with fluid transitions between them. this way you’ll be able to bring a little life to a static html page and show multiple images without the need to refresh a page. you don’t need the Flash MX software to use this tool. all neccessary parameters are set in a separate, simple xml file.

the download file includes a readme.txt with tips regarding the installation and use of this script. please read it carefully before posting a trivial question here ! you can also read through previous posts.

Paul Sanchez l’a adapté pour SPIP et en a fait une contrib ici :

Et Macmade en a fait un plug-in pour typo 3 :

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Flash JPG Rotator Flash JPG Rotator

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